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Glass shocks rebound to maintain low-level shocks

Continuous high temperature weather not only makes people feel uncomfortable, but also makes the windows and doors "unbearable". A glass door burst at a barber's shop in Mingyang Street, Huayuankou Economic Zone, Dalian at about 2 p.m. on November 11. "The whole piece of glass cracked rapidly and became a cobweb of fragments..." What on earth is this? Some insiders said that glass self-explosion is related to external force and temperature. It is suggested that citizens should choose glass products with 3C logo when purchasing tempered glass.

The glass door of the barber's burst for no reason

On the day of the incident, Ms. Gu was dyeing her hair in a barber's shop, which kept the door closed and the air-conditioning on. The temperature inside and outside was a double day of ice and fire. At that time, Ms. Gu was sitting near the door. Suddenly, she heard the sound of "piercing" and looked around to find that the sound originated from the glass door at the barber's door. "The first time I met this situation, I saw a whole glass door, instantly became a spider's web, and it broke up without reason. Fortunately, I evacuated in time, and the glass debris did not splash, otherwise it would be troublesome." Ms. Gu said that the people present did not understand that good tempered glass, no one touched it, how could this be?

It is understood that the shop has been open for less than two years. Considering the lighting, beauty and durability, the tempered glass doors installed at the beginning of the business. In order not to affect the business, the barber came to a glass installation master, "installation Master said that this is a common situation in summer, the last two months, he has received three calls, asking him to install glass door, and burst is tempered glass." Ms. Gu said. As to why the glass can self-explode, the master who installed the glass on the spot did not give much explanation.

Glass self-explosion is related to external force and temperature

The news of glass burst suddenly increased in the hot weather: a 19-year-old working girl in Zhejiang Province was injured by glass burst upstairs and faced amputation; the 29-storey curtain wall glass of the Great Wall Building in Putuo District of Shanghai burst suddenly, and numerous glass fragments fell from high altitude. Passers-by under the building fled to escape, but fortunately no casualties were caused... So why does glass explode? "In summer, the glass doors used by businessmen are facing the room with low temperature and the outdoor with high temperature and extreme heat. The temperature difference between the two sides of the glass is very large. If there are scars on both sides of the glass and external force, it will easily lead to the self-explosion of the glass." Yesterday, the reporter contacted Mr. Yu Min, a professional who has been running a tempered glass shop for a long time in the Post-salt building materials and ceramics market.

Yu Min said: "At high temperatures, it is normal for a large piece of tempered glass to explode spontaneously. Compared with ordinary glass, the damage caused by broken tempered glass slag is much less. Even if it is broken, toughened glass will not form sharp glass slag, but form non-acute angle, honeycomb-like glass fragments, which will do less harm to people.

Maintaining moderate room temperature can reduce glass bursting

In fact, tempered glass itself has a certain rate of self-explosion. It is known that the state stipulates that the rate of self-explosion of tempered glass is 3. There is no way to avoid the explosion of tempered glass, but there are some ways to avoid harming people and property in the explosion. For example, to find a professional company to paste glass on a film, citizens should choose qualified products with factory name, site and quality 3C certification, and keep good purchase invoices when choosing glass products. This reminds consumers that no matter what kind of glass products they use, they should try to maintain a moderate room temperature so as to avoid the injury caused by the explosion of the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the glass products.