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Peng Shou: China's glass industry should change from catching-up type to leading type

On April 9, 2016, the International Glass Conference was held in Lujiazui International Conference Center, Pudong, Shanghai. The conference gathered experts, scholars and practitioners from 33 countries in the world, covering glass research and development, technology, utilization, education and other aspects. It is the most authoritative event in the international glass industry, known as the "Olympic Games" in the glass industry.

At the meeting, Peng Shou, chairman of the 24th International Glass Association Advisory Committee, was awarded the Lifelong Achievement Award of the President of the International Glass Association. At the same time, three senior experts from glass powers such as the United States and Japan were also awarded the award. This achievement is also the highest achievement China has made in the glass industry, which means that China has more and more influence in the world glass industry.

Peng Shou said that 21 years later, with the rapid economic development of the world today, China can host such an international event, which is the world's full affirmation of China's achievements in glass technology research, industrial development and application. In the past, China's glass industry has been in a relatively backward position, and from catching up to the world's advanced ranks, to become a leading country, is undoubtedly a curve overtaking, how to ensure the international status of China's glass industry, is the direction that all Chinese practitioners should strive for.

As a kind of material, glass is indispensable in the development of modern economy and society. Glass has the characteristics of environmental protection, toughness, flexibility and patience, so it is closely related to the national aerospace industry, information industry, electronic industry, including the daily life of the people. The design and research of Bengbu glass industry has successfully achieved 0. 2 mm ultra-thin glass and TFT glass have boosted the development of China's electronic information industry and attracted worldwide attention. Peng Shou said that everything needs to be constantly integrated into the new connotation in order to ensure the long-term prosperity, so this conference will certainly promote the development of China's glass technology to thin, functional and basic materials. China is in the opening year of the 13th Five-Year Plan, with rare opportunities. The material industry, which restricts the development of the glass industry, should seize this opportunity to exchange with advanced peer experts and scholars, learn from them and integrate with them.

Peng Shou pointed out that China's glass industry needs to grow from big to strong, from new to strong, to form a number of independent intellectual property rights technology products. In order to let the world's colleagues know China's achievements in the glass industry and enable China's advanced technology to be exported, Peng Shou put forward cross-border, cross-domain, cross-industry cooperation, hoping to promote the development of the glass industry through such cooperation, and further determine and expand China's leading international position.